Maple Technologies is proud to present advanced security Surveillance systems that can be designed and tailored to support overal safety and security of high profile areas

Applications Area

We are committed to deliver and integrate, with high fidelity, the following systems:

Multi-Technologies Detection & Tracking Unit (MTDU)

The MTDU is a fully integrated single unit, which has a wide range of mission capabilities with flexible, and high-performance multi-sensor technologies. It includes a 200MP Panoramic camera, a Long Range Radar and Long Range Thermal tracking technologies, plus Gyrostabilization.

The MTDU increases the probability of early detection with low false alarm and false negative rates under various environmental conditions. It supports and help everyday work of Land/Sea Border Security and any other public authorities may be engaged during abnormal events.

Anti-UAV & Drone Detection Sysytem

Anti UAV and Drone system is a compact solution that was improved and tested from the border protection projects, long range observation system and high power radio fre1uency jammer are able to detect, recognize, identify and soft/hard kill flying objects.

Achieve real-time detection and early-warning of drone signals transmitted with minimum 0.1W under complex electro-magnetic environment. the detection range can reach up to 10km, the best performance among counter parts. Recognize drones’ model & brand based on signal feature database, which includes over 40 models and is expanding.

180°Panorama 200 MP Camera

SensorTec s 180180°Panorama 200 MP Camera provides high speed, 20 FPS frame rate at full resolution It consists of ten specially constructed REAL TIME 20 MP cameras that are located in a uniquely designed, industrial camera house.

Large panoramic images ensure an expanded view The panorama camera provides all the benefits that come with high end large format sensors Operators can continuously observe the entire monitored area at once without redundant or hidden areas The realism of the images combined with high resolution ensures a quality that is suitable for face recognition, even from great distances.

320 MP Real Time Long Range Panoramic Camera

The Long Range Panoramic camera produces hundreds of megapixel large images on which every detail is clearly visible in all lighting conditions. The camera provides wide dynamic range images, have an improved low light performance and extra high sensitivity.

This camera is able to cover large areas with high resolution from a single viewpoint. The panoramic images ensure an expanded view Operators can continuously observe the whole monitored area on one camera image without redundant or hidden areas.

The huge resolution even makes it possible to recognize faces at a large distance The camera house is completed with an automatic self cleaning system that consists of a tank with cleaning liquid, a dispenser system and wipers at every window for the best images

Multi Sensor Camera

Multi Sensor Camera is a field proven multi-sensors very long range surveillance system. This unrivalled modular product range combines, continuous zoom, cooled (Band II, MWIR) thermal and Full HD color cameras, embedded on a precise and dynamic two-axis Pan & Tilt unit.

The system can also be proposed with optional Laser Range Finder, GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass, laser pointer. It allows very long distance surveillance, effective day and night, for protection and security of your sensitive sites.

Long Range Laser Camera

Long Range Laser Camera offers significant advantages over thermal imaging by producing color images by day and monochrome at night with much higher resolution. Active IR unlike thermal also has the ability to illuminate through windows and other optically pure substances at night to provide both recognition and identification making it ideal for military installations, homeland defense, airports and critical infrastructure scenarios.

The full HD IP based ST-HD-IP10KLS PTZ delivers long range day/night surveillance. Its powerful motorized zoom lens can detect intruders at distances of up to 10km at daytime. The high-output, NIR Laser IR illuminator provides recognition for up to 5 km in complete darkness.

Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions