Video guard by SIRA fosters security surveillance in Dubai

In some countries in order to foster security surveillance, remote security systems can be connected over the internet with central police monitoring system to ensure maximum safety and quickest response in case of any security incidents happening. Dubai has implemented the Video guard system through SIRA – Security Industry Regulatory Agency, to connect all sensitive and commercial locations directly to its central security response system. The video guard system offers different benefits like quick response time, it helps SIRA to record and to keep backup of recordings through remote monitoring of customers’ video surveillance systems. It sends alarm messages which are generated by the video reorders and the intruder alarm panels. Finally, any loss of videos or failure of any of the security cameras in the system, can trigger quick response.

The video guard system has become mandatory in Dubai for all shopping malls, money exchange offices, banks, hospitals, warehouses for hazardous material, and similar activities. There are different steps to apply for the service, through SIRA-approved security systems service providers.

SIRA sells Video Guard devices only to its authorized service providers and they are also the ones permitted to install. Therefore, all end-users purchase these devices from a SIRA authorized service provider.

Advanced Security Surveillance using face recognition

Face recognition cameras help prevent crime everywhere, protect the public and do not breach the privacy of innocent people whose images are captured, a police force has argued.

An office worker from UK, claims South Wales police violated his privacy and protection rights by applying face recognition techniques on him.
But Jeremy Johnson QC compared automated facial recognition to the use of DNA to solve crimes and said it would have had little impact on Bridges.

The police in UK reported “AFR is a further technology that potentially has great utility for the prevention of crime, the apprehension of offenders and the protection of the public.”

The technology maps faces in a crowd and then compares them with a watch list of images, which can include suspects, missing people and persons of interest to the police. The cameras scan faces in large crowds in public places such as streets, shopping malls, crowded stadiums and music events Johnson said the process also included human interaction. Usually it is up to the operator to decide whether the person is a match or not. You then have the intervention.

“It’s not that the operator makes their own assessment, the officer on the ground looking at people will make their own assessment and will decide whether or not to intervene and speak to the individual. Under common law police had the power to use visual imagery for the “prevention and detection of crime”.
It has been argued that police must adhere to data protection rules and have a code of practice for information management.

Smart home means smart savings & peace of mind

Smart home statistics show that an increasing number of people are turning their abodes into smart homes. In fact, there are currently an estimated 175 million smart homes in the world. Consumers are typically turning to home automation for reasons of safety, savings, convenience, control, comfort and peace of mind.

1. Safety

You can enhance your home security by replacing your front-door lock with a smart lock so you can lock and unlock your door remotely. Your smart lock will alert you if you forgot to lock the door. It will also keep a record of all the comings and goings at your home.

There are loads of smart home devices that you can use for security alerts. Your security device could alert you about leaks, smoke, unwanted visitors, when someone rings your doorbell or that you have left a stove plate on. Smart surveillance cameras can be integrated with your home lighting control so that the moment a camera senses movement nearby, the lights go on. This could deter a would-be intruder and provide you with clear images of whoever set off the sensor.

2. Savings

Using smart thermostats and smart lightbulbs can help to save energy. You can also use an app to remotely turn off lights and any electrical and heating appliances, which will help you save on electricity.

Look out for a home automation system that will monitor your electricity consumption. You will be able to see which devices and appliances are eating the most electricity, which helps you to make the necessary adjustments so the household uses less electricity.

Some home automation systems also monitor water usage, which is a real benefit in places where water usage is expensive.

3. Lock up and go

A home automation system gives you complete control of your home lighting, heating and power consumption no matter where you are in the world. Through an app on your smart device, you can access and run your home whenever you are out of town. Your smart devices will inform you of unwanted visitors, constantly monitor all access to your property, and keep lights, and other devices turned off when not in use. You can set things up that curtains and blinds open during the day and close at night and for lights to turn on for a few hours at night to create the impression that you are at home.

Instead of trusting your front door key to your neighbor, you can let him or her in via your smartphone.

4. Convenience

Being able to control all of your devices in your home through one interface is very convenient for busy homeowners. Once you have learned how to use one app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have access to your connected appliances and other devices throughout your home.

Ideally, you want a smart security system that lets all the separate components work together seamlessly. For example, when one device detects motion, another device should know to turn the lights turn on.

5. Smart home technology is a good investment

As smart homes become more ubiquitous, more and more discerning buyers are looking to buy properties that feature smart home technology. Many home buyers focus on security, savings and convenience, and smart home technology can provide that.

Smart homes are attractive for young buyers because they are already using smart devices and value convenience. The older buyers value the cost-saving and safety aspects.

According to some resources, home automation can increase the value of a property by 5 %.

Final thoughts

Smart home technology lets you maximize your home security giving you peace of mind while you are sleeping, at work, out for the weekend, or halfway around the world.

If you decide to incorporate a home automation system, you will be increasing the value of your home as many buyers are prioritizing properties with smart home features.