We supply and install Retail CCTV systems for small and large businesses throughout UAE and other GCC markets.
Maple Technologies security systems offers extra security systems and surveillance cameras for your business. Outside your business premises it can act both as a deterrent and monitor potential intruder threats and theft.
Whether you are a retail shop or a restaurant or a bank or a school, we provide tailor made solution that fits your specific security needs. Protect your business, employees and profits by having a well maintained cctv, closed circuit television system, that can help companies secure their assets and profits.

We provide a SIRA approved products beside the option to connect directly to enhanced services like SIRA video guard option to ensure continuous maintenance of your security system, storage of footage and instant notifications for sensitive businesses like jewelleries, warehouses, exchange offices, etc.
Our commercial and B2B line includes different types and camera ranges, NVRs, DVRs, accessories, speciality cameras as needed.
Our sophisticated B2B security systems includes long range cameras, plate number recognition, face recognition in crowded areas, traffic surveillance and many more.
Contact us for free consultation session and open brainstorming session for your business needs.

Protect your business and profitability by having a modern and well maintained Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems help companies to safeguard their assets from theft, criminal damage and other unauthorised activities and they help to protect staff. Good quality CCTVfootage is essential for the police when investigating crime and bringing successful convictions.
B2B will ensure delivery of a CCTV security system that fully meets your requirements in terms of specification and cost. Every B2B project begins with an initial review of your risk management objectives. We then undertake a technical audit and agree system design before installation by experienced engineers. Staff training also forms part of the B2B service.

B2B can also help to keep costs down by re-using your existing security camera system and integrating this with new equipment in a seamless way.