• Smart Home Makes Family Life Easier!
  • Our Packages Solution gives you the ability to experience smart home living straight out of the box. UL‐SHP transforms your house or apartment into an intelligent home. Controlling blinds, lights, air conditioning, door communication, safety & Security and creating customized scenes.
  • While the customizable option has more flexibility, we offer various packages, Smart Home Basic Package, PRO Package, Advanced Package and Elite Package.



We offer a completely tailored service, to design your home to meet all your needs. Whether you are completing a single room renovation, or building a new home from scratch, we carefully design your home to meet all of your wants and needs.


We install your entire smart home system to ensure a reliable and discrete smart program that seamlessly blends with your home, to make sure it’s both good looking and has high performance.


We program your smart home to make sure you have a completely integrated smart system, where all of your devices communicate with each other to make your life as simple and easy as possible.


We want to ensure you have the absolute best experience with your smart home, which is why all of our systems come with warranty and aftercare services. If you experience any technical difficulties or problems, we will be there to help fix them!