In some countries in order to foster security surveillance, remote security systems can be connected over the internet with central police monitoring system to ensure maximum safety and quickest response in case of any security incidents happening. Dubai has implemented the Video guard system through SIRA – Security Industry Regulatory Agency, to connect all sensitive and commercial locations directly to its central security response system. The video guard system offers different benefits like quick response time, it helps SIRA to record and to keep backup of recordings through remote monitoring of customers’ video surveillance systems. It sends alarm messages which are generated by the video reorders and the intruder alarm panels. Finally, any loss of videos or failure of any of the security cameras in the system, can trigger quick response.

The video guard system has become mandatory in Dubai for all shopping malls, money exchange offices, banks, hospitals, warehouses for hazardous material, and similar activities. There are different steps to apply for the service, through SIRA-approved security systems service providers.

SIRA sells Video Guard devices only to its authorized service providers and they are also the ones permitted to install. Therefore, all end-users purchase these devices from a SIRA authorized service provider.

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